Membership form

Your first 3 visits to the club are free of charge. On completion of the 3 visits please submit this completed form to request membership. You will be contacted to arrange to meet the committee informally who will then consider your application.

Moorings are subject to availability and will normally be allocated on a first come first served basis but are always subject to the best interests of the club. If you have requested a mooring you will be placed on the mooring waiting list once you are accepted as a member. You will be notified in writing once a mooring is available.

You will be a provisional member for one year, which will become permanent provided you have contributed towards the club, attended club functions and helped at work parties. This probationary period will be reviewed at six months.

Social membership costs £30.00. Full membership (where a mooring is obtained) costs £80.00 (pro rata for part year) to be paid once the applicant has been successful. The top entrance gate is accessed via a code; the  key for the second entrance gate must be purchased via the club to access the site. Both these gates must be kept locked to minimise unauthorised entrance. Keys can be purchased from behind the bar. British Water Ways keys are for sale at £5. A deposit of £10 for the blue key for the second gate is also required (refundable when leaving the club). This key remains the property of Broxbourne Cruising Club and must be returned if leaving the club.

Membership automatically includes partner and children  18 or under.

Please complete the below information.  Applicants who request a mooring must ALSO complete the section Request for Moorings on this form:

Mooring fees are currently £28 per foot per annum payable in advance or by monthly standing order over a 10 month period (February to November) pro rata for part year. Moorings are limited to 40 feet maximum for new members and are strictly non residential. Subject to availability an electric supply may be available for a deposit of £80 plus quarterly charge per unit consumed.

By submitting this application you confirm;

That you (and your partner if applicable) are applying for membership of Broxbourne Cruising Club.

That you  (and your partner if applicable) have read and understand the club constitution, rules and mooring conditions (downloadable from this website) and agree to abide by the rules of the club.

That you and your partner have no objections to your details being given to other members and kept on a computer for club purposes only.